Support for GDPR

We recently added a document to our website describing our support for the upcoming General Data Protection Rights (GDPR) act, due to take effect May 25, 2018. See
Blindside Networks provides hosting to many organizations world-wide for BigBlueButton.  This document describes, in plain language,
  • the personal information we collect from a user,
  • why we collect it,
  • how we use it, and
  • how we protect it.
For our customers, in accordance with GDPR, the above document describes how they can request from us (a) all personal information we hold on a user, and (b) to remove all personal information we hold on a user (the right to be forgotten).
For (a), we will provide a document detailing all the user’s personal information we hold in our servers and in our recordings.  For (b), the right to be forgotten, we will remove all personal information for a given user from our systems and recordings.
For the recordings, we have developed tools to edit and reprocess a recording to remove all events and media for a given user (we’ll overwrite any time they spoke with silence).  In this way, instead of simply deleting the entire recording in which a user needs to be forgotten, we can reprocess and preserve the recording for other students while also being compliant with the requirements of GDPR.
If you have any questions about our privacy and support for GDPR, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at