Meeting Statistics Now Available for Recorded Sessions


To give teachers more insight into student engagement during an online session we created a new recording format called Statistics Report. When a student participates in an online class BigBlueButton, will capture their user events (such as joining, leaving, chatting, raising hand, etc.) in order to create a playback file for the recorded session.   For … Read more

NISOD Virtual Conference held with BigBlueButton


Each year the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) holds an annual user conference. This year, six months after their user conference, they wanted to hold a NISOD virtual conference to enable more opportunities for collaboration and professional development amongst their members. NISOD used BigBlueButton and Blindside Networks to host their first virtual … Read more

4th iMoot Hosted by Blindside Networks

Events, Hosting, Moodle

Blindside Networks recently provided 52 hours of non-stop hosting for iMoot 2017 for BigBlueButton, this its fourth year in a row. iMoot is one of the largest, fully online Learning Management System (LMS) conferences with a focus on the Moodle LMS including other extensions, plugins, and third party software that integrates with Moodle, like BigBlueButton! … Read more

MoodleCloud expands the number of users for BigBlueButton


MoodleCloud announced they now offer subscription based pricing for BigBlueButton that gives instructors the ability to hold larger synchronous online classes. In July 2015 Moodle HQ launched MoodleCloud, and, now fourteen months later, MoodleCloud hosts thousands of education sites for instructors around the world.   The launch included a free usage of BigBlueButton for up-to six … Read more

eLearning Experts partners with Blindside Networks


Blindside Networks, the company that started the BigBlueButton project, and eLearning Experts, a certified Moodle Partner, announce a partnership to provide integrated hosting for BigBlueButton to all eLearning Expert customers. “BigBlueButton has impressed us over the years with its ease of use, stability, deep integration to Moodle,” says Kathie Robeson, CEO eLearning Experts. “We’ve seen … Read more

Blindside Networks partners with eThink Education to provide integrated hosting for BigBlueButton to eThink customers


Blindside Networks, the company that started the BigBlueButton project, and eThink Education, a certified Moodle Partner, announce a partnership to provide integrated hosting for BigBlueButton to all eThink Education customers. “We’ve been impressed with the commercial-grade web conferencing that BigBlueButton provides to the Moodle community,” says Brian Carlson, CEO of eThink Education. “Our partnership with … Read more

Hosting the BigBlueButton Developer Summit VIII


Blindside Networks was pleased to host the eighth BigBlueButton developer summit held last week in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Using facilities provided by The Code Factory we collaborated and worked together on accelerating the improvements to the BigBlueButton project. The collaborated included evolving the core reviewing the planned improvements to the UI coordinating the development of … Read more

BigBlueButtonBN Moodle Plugin ranked #9


Blindside Networks has developed and supported the BigBlueButtonBN plugin for moodle for over five years now. The BigBlueButtonBN plugin is about giving instructors a simple (yet powerful) way to integrate BigBlueButton into their courses. We recently saw it was ranked #9 in overall downloads for all Moodle plugins! We’ve recently added features such supporting custom … Read more

BigBlueButton 1.0-beta released


The BigBlueButton project recently announce the release of BigBlueButton 1.0-beta, which includes polling, improved video dock, emoji icons, and support for Puffin Browser. For more details see BigBlueButton 1.0-beta released.

BigBlueButton integration with Moodle has been updated


We are pleased to announce the new version of the BigBlueButton integration with Moodle. The plugin BigBlueButtonBN version 2.0.0-b1 is for the moment available only in GitHub and can be downloaded from here. As soon as we move it to the next stage in our development process it will be released to the Moodle Plugin … Read more