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Blindside Networks has helped thousands of organizations deliver effective online classes.

About Blindside Networks

Blindside Networks started the BigBlueButton project in 2008 with one purpose: to provide remote students a high-quality online learning experience.

Today we manage each release of BigBlueButton and have grown our business by providing commercial support to learning organizations world-wide.

As an open source project BigBlueButton is used by many to deliver online classes.  The BigBlueButtonBN plugin alone (developed by us) runs on over 4,500 Moodle sites.  The US Department of Defense Saves 12 million / year using BigBlueButton.  That’s the power of open source.

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Blindside Networks Inc. uses BigBlueButton and is not endorsed or certified by BigBlueButton Inc. BigBlueButton and the BigBlueButton Logo are trademarks of BigBlueButton Inc.


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