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Resources for help

Hi there.  There is lots of interest in BigBlueButton these days and the following will help you find the right resources.

1. If your school uses CANVAS and you are looking for information on the Premium Tier hosting of Canvas Conferences, reach out to your customer success manager.  They can upgrade you directly.

2. If your school uses SCHOOLOGY and you are looking for information on the Premium Tier hosting of Schoology Conferences, use the form below to contact us directly (and indicate you are using Schoology).

3. If your school uses MOODLE and you are hosting with a Moodle Partner, please reach out to them about BigBlueButton hosting.  We work closely with many of the Moodle Partners around the world and many of them now resell our hosting.

4. If you are looking to SETUP your own BigBlueButton server,  there are very good resources available:

(a) IF YOUR SCHOOL NEEDS LESS THAN 250 CONCURRENT STUDENTS online at the same time, see the excellent documentation for setting up a single BigBlueButton server

You should also checkout bbb-install script, which can setup a BigBlueButton server in less than 30 minutes.

(b) IF YOUR SCHOOL NEEDS MORE THAN 250 CONCURRENT STUDENTS online at the same time (i.e. 1000 concurrent students spread across 50 classes with 20 students), you can setup a pool of BigBlueButton servers (see the above link) and then setup a BigBlueButton load balancer:

The load balancer will make your BigBlueButton server pool appear as a single, scalable BigBlueButton server.  With the load balancer, you can support more concurrent students by adding more BigBlueButton servers to the pool.

5. If you are LOOKING FOR HELP to setup a BigBlueButton server, please join our online community.   You’ll find many people volunteer their time to help others in our mailing lists.  See

If your needs are not matched by the above, and you are looking for hosting or commercial support for BigBlueButton, please contact us below.

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