Our LMS Integrations

The WordPress plugin for BigBlueButton makes it easy to add meetings to any WordPress site.  You can install the plugin directly from within WordPress.

Installation Steps

You can easily install the WordPress plugin for BigBlueButton folliwng the

1. Log in as an admin and click on the Plugins menu on the sidebar.

2. Click Add new.

3. In the search bar enter “bigbluebutton” and click search plugins.

4. When you find the plugin called BigBlueButton by Blindside Networks click the install now link.

5. Activate the Plugin.

6. Click on widgets under the Appearance menu.

7. Find the BigBlueButton Widget. Then click and drag it to either the right, content, or footer windows on the right of the screen depending on where you wish the BigBlueButton widget to appear.

8. Click on BigBlueButton under the settings menu.

9. Fill out the URL of where the BigBlueButton server is running (be sure to add /bigbluebutton/ to the end of the URL) and its salt. Then click on save changes.

10. You are ready to begin creating meetings, and holding conferences.

The following video walks you through the installation.  For more details, see the WordPress page for BigBlueButton.

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