OEB Global Conference

22 – 24 November | Berlin

Meet the Team

Fred Dixon

Fred Dixon

CEO of Blindside Networks

Binoy Wilson

Binoy Wilson

Senior Customer
Success Manager

Come by our booth to discover why world-class organizations are turning to BigBlueButton for their virtual classroom software. 

We will show you:

  • How BigBlueButton simplifies the delivery of virtual classes for educators.
  • A demo of BigBlueButton’s pedagogy tools and how they improve applied learning without needing to use third-party applications.
  • Demos of how BigBlueButton is maximizing use of AI in the classroom with smart slides.
  • How BigBlueButton’s live analytics give educators the ability to pinpoint students who are struggling and give feedback in the moment.
  • How you can start using BigBlueButton today.


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Presentation: How AI and Analytics are Shaping the Future Virtual Classrooms

Presented by:  Fred Dixon, CEO of Blindside Networks
When: Thursday Nov. 23 at 1:30-2:00pm  / Berlin Time (7:30-8:00am EST)
Room TLM18D

As technology continues to advance, Pedagogy – the science of teaching and learning – is even more relevant today. A key measurement of any class, physical or virtual, is “Did students learn?”.

In this presentation, Fred Dixon, co-Founder of BigBlueButton Inc., will explore how AI can assist educators in creating more opportunities for applied learning during their virtual classes, and how related analytics can help educators pin-point students that are struggling and give them feedback in the moment, thereby improving learning outcomes.

This presentation covers 3 topics:

  • Framework for evaluating effective use of AI and analytics in the virtual classroom
  • How BigBlueButton is implementing this framework
  • Examples of using the framework to judge the effectiveness (or not!) of using AI in teaching virtual classes.



What is BigBlueButton?

BigBlueButton is an open source virtual classroom solution for online learning that provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, whiteboard, chat and screen. It also allows participants to join the conferences with their webcams and invite guest speakers.

Learn more about BigBlueButton.org, developed and supported by Blindside Networks.

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About Blindside Networks

Blindside Networks started the BigBlueButton project in 2007 and manages its growth world-wide. We maintain BigBlueButton integration with several popular LMS platforms as well as working with individual organizations globally.

We can host, scale, and customize BigBlueButton for the unique requirements of your organization. 

Contact us to leverage our experience in helping world-class organizations deliver effective virtual classrooms with BigBlueButton.