Success Story: Activate Learning Empowers Learners with BigBlueButton

Activate Learning is a progressive and global education group, committed to transforming lives through an innovative approach based on three key elements: a deep understanding of neuroscience and how the brain learns, a methodology of continually fostering positive emotions around learning itself, and a delivery method that emphasizes relevance and impact of newly learned skills to increase students motivation. It’s a holistic approach that separates Activate Learning from other  education providers.  

Activate Learning provides 14-16, further, and higher education, adult, apprenticeships, and business training to learners within the UK. One of the challenges that Activate Learning faces is delivery of courses to a very diverse community that spans the length and breadth of the UK. Another challenge is the need to up-skill their staff frequently, ensuring they are up-to-date with their digital and pedagogic skills to teach learners.

How BigBlueButton Helps overcome these challenges

The use of BigBlueButton and Canvas has been integral to Activate Learning’s success and solving these challenges. The wide range of Activate Learning courses and national reach is made possible through combining BigBlueButton and Canvas LMS for their online platform, Activate Learning Online, with in-person instruction. Having a single touchpoint for learners and staff to teach, learn, communicate, and share ideas has been foundational for Activate Learning’s operations.

“Our holistic approach along with BigBlueButton and Canvas has helped us achieve remarkable results. Students taking GCSE Maths and English online classes delivered using BigBlueButton have achieved a full grade point higher than the equivalent in-person classes.  It’s a remarkable example of evidence-based learning in the virtual classroom,”

says Kim Blanchard, Director of Digital Education and Artificial Intelligence at Activate Learning.

Award Winning Online Education

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when buildings were forced to shut down, Activate Learning had the advantage of moving to virtual learning easily. Their platform, Activate Learning Online, was already up and running for offering online courses to all of their learners. The instructors and learners that were affected by the pandemic shutdowns were easily moved over to Activate Learning Online, which is powered by BigBlueButton and Canvas. After the pandemic ended, some online classes continued to run on BigBlueButton. Activate Learning was given the Beacon Award for their effective use of technology, including the use of BigBlueButton, and their students achieving high outcomes on their GCSEs.

Activate Learning is a customer of Blindside Networks, the company that started the BigBlueButton project.

Moodle, the world’s most popular open-source LMS, has awarded BigBlueButton the Outstanding Growth Award during the MoodleMoot Global 2023 Conference this year in Barcelona, Spain! This was based on revenues Moodle HQ earned from Blindside Networks providing hosting for BigBlueButton to the Moodle community. 

Presented to Moodle Certified Partners who have achieved the highest percentage of growth in revenue globally for Moodle in the preceding year, BigBlueButton was one of just two recipients. Read on to learn more about our journey to becoming a Moodle Certified Integration Partner.

About Activate Learning

Activate Learning strives to guide their learners to become their best selves through a combination of neuroscience, sustainability, consistency, collaboration, and global understanding. 

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About BigBlueButton

The mission of the BigBlueButton project is to build the world’s most effective virtual classroom measured in learning outcomes. Unlike video conferencing systems, which lead to passive learning and low user satisfaction, BigBlueButton’s built-in tools for active learning and live analytics enables organizations to ensure that every student learns.

About Blindside Networks

Blindside Networks empowers educational organizations worldwide to deliver effective virtual classes that are measured by learning outcomes. As the creators of BigBlueButton, we deeply understand the challenges involved in achieving this goal. Through the BigBlueButton platform, our extensive experience, and world-class support, Blindside Networks ensures that your students have the best online learning experience possible.

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