High praise for BigBlueButtonBN Plugin for Moodle

LMSPulse recently selected the top 10 plugins for Moodle in 2020. When selecting BigBlueButtonBN, they stated

Perhaps the biggest Open Technology of 2020, the Blindside Networks team’s creation might have saved the school year at countless schools and for thousands —millions?— of students at no cost to their privacy.

High praise indeed!  We’ve worked on BigBlueButtonBN for over seven years now.  BigBlueButton is localized into 35+ languages, and Moodle ranks as the most widely used LMS world-wide.  As a result, the combination of  BigBlueButtonBN + BigBlueButton + Moodle provides the learning solution for thousands of educational institutions world-wide.  

The statistics at moodle.org support this large number.  At the time of this blog post, the BigBlueButtonBN plugin ranks as #2 overall downloaded plugin.

Top downloaded plugins

In addition, the statistics at moodle.org show over 20,000 Moodle sites are running the BigBlueButtonBN plugin. 

We continue to improve the BigBlueButtonBN plug-in for 2021.  The team has been working on adding activity completion, specifically enabling instructors to set a threshold of time (in minutes) whereby BigBlueButtonBN will mark the activity as completed when the student’s participation in BigBlueButton sessions exceeds that threshold.  For more details, setting up activity completion to BigBlueButtonBN posted at medium.com.

Reference: The Best Moodle LMS Plugins Of 2020 — Times Didn’t End Edition.