Video Playback Improvements

For a while, we’ve offered video files of recordings on our hosted platform for BigBlueButton, as an alternative to the standard HTML5-based format. (Also check out details on our hosted BigBlueButton offering.) Over the past week, some updates have been rolled out.

These changes will apply to all video format recordings going forwards, but existing recordings will not be automatically updated. If you would like to have existing recordings reprocessed with the updated video format, please contact Blindside Networks support by email or via our web form.

Video quality improvements

Some work has gone into improving the quality in the video recordings, so they now look as expected of high definition video:

Improved processing speed

It could take a long time for recordings in the previous video format to show up after the meeting finished. The amount of time saved by the updates varies based on the recording length, slide complexity, etc., but in most cases the video should be ready in about half the time that it previously would have taken.

Bug fixes

A few people have noticed that in some videos, the slides area would go blank partway through the recording. We could fix this by reprocessing the recording, but we have now identified the root cause of the issue and it should no longer occur going forwards.