BigBlueButton 0.80 Released!

The BigBlueButton project announced the release of BigBlueButton 0.80 on June 19th.

This release marks the tenth release of BigBlueButton. A subset of the core developers Richard Alam, Marcos Calderon, Fred Dixon, and Gustavo Salazar — all full-time employees of Blindside Networks — worked on this release for over a year and did extensive testing with the community (there were four beta releases and three release candidates).

The main feature of this release was the inclusion of record and playback into the platform.

“We wanted to make this release as solid as possible,” says Fred Dixon, CEO of Blindside Networks. “Internally, we want each release to be better than the previous, and the bar was set pretty high with 0.71a. Working close with the over 1200 members on the bigbluebutton-dev mailing list, we continued to test and fix bugs until we had all the major functionality in place. Even when we though it was ready to release, we did three release candidates to make sure it was really solid. When people run BigBlueButton 0.80, we want it to just work.”

For more information see the release notes and install instructions.