4th iMoot Hosted by Blindside Networks

Events, Hosting, Moodle

Blindside Networks recently provided 52 hours of non-stop hosting for iMoot 2017 for BigBlueButton, this its fourth year in a row. iMoot is one of the largest, fully online Learning Management System (LMS) conferences with a focus on the Moodle LMS including other extensions, plugins, and third party software that integrates with Moodle, like BigBlueButton!

In fact, iMoot is one time of year that Blindside Networks and BigBlueButton get a chance to flex our proverbial muscles. With over 70 live sessions occurring over the course of three days, 24 hours straight, all while being recorded; our hosting infrastructure and BigBlueButton itself are really put to the test.

The iMoot conference is one of the more considerable (in both concurrent attendance and duration) online events hosted by Blindside Networks. It attracts attendees from a wide range of geographical locations and timezones, bringing unique challenges such as varying degrees of network speed and stability. Ensuring the reliability of the hosting environment while providing first level support was essential and a top priority during the event.

Blindside Networks has been working with Pukunui since 2014 to provide hosting for BigBlueButton to the Moodle community.  The 2017 iMoot was coordinated by Vinny Stocker, Instructional Designer and iMoot LMS Conference Organizer.

“Over the course of the 24 hour, three day event, BigBlueButton worked perfectly” said Vinny Stocker, “The connectivity of the online presentation sessions through BBB was flawless, delivering high quality video and audio to hundreds of attendees, and the recordings were quickly available through the iMoot Moodle site. Organising such a big event can bring lots of challenges, and so the iMoot team was delighted to be able to rely on Blindside Networks again to support the web conferencing side of the event.”

Interested in seeing the presentations from iMoot?  You can find recordings for iMoot 2016, 2016, and 2014 at the Pukunui YouTube channel (the 2017 presentations should be up soon).

One of the benefits that Blindside Networks provides in our hosting for BigBlueButton is that recordings are video files, which makes it easy to upload the recording to YouTube or any other video content management system.

By all accounts iMoot 2017 was a great success.  The team at Blindside Networks looks forward to providing hosting for BigBlueButton for iMoot2018!