Blindside Networks offers commercial support and hosting for BigBlueButton so you can fully leverage its benefits within your environment.

Package #1: Setup and Configuration

We help you get one (or more) BigBlueButton servers setup and configured for your applications. This work includes:

  • Installation and configuration of BigBlueButton components
  • Testing and optimizing the server configuration for your application
  • Stress testing the server to determine the maximum number of simultaneous users
  • Lockdown of server (unique key for API calls, show/hide demo API examples)
  • Creation of a custom login screen (with default rooms)
  • Branding of the client (title bar and logo)
  • Installation of integration modules

We work closely with your IT group and transfer knowledge to them so they can further customize and maintain the server.

Of course, we can help with the maintenance as well.

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Package #2: Server Monitoring and Upgrade

BigBlueButton is an open source project that is evolving quickly, with frequent updates and enhancements. We ensure your BigBlueButton servers are running and ready for use. This package includes:

  • Remote monitoring of your BigBlueButton servers
  • Notification and resolution of any problems that would prevent production use of the server
  • Managed upgrades

Our monitoring server will login to your servers every five minutes and test the system to ensure voice, video, chat, slide conversion and desktop sharing are all active and working. If there is a problem, we will know about it before your users and work with you to resolve it. Depending on the permissions you provide, we will remotely login and resolve the problem for you.

We will also manage the updates to your servers so they are fully upgraded and tested when a new release occurs.

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Package #3: Support

You now have BigBlueButton running. We help reduce your ongoing support costs by providing you direct support to your help desk and developers.

Blindside Networks provides two levels of support:

Premium (Includes Package #1 and #2):

  • Phone/e-mail support (9-5 business hours)
  • 5 support incidents/month

Platinum (includes Premium):

  • Server: Patches and hotfixes
  • Contact: 7×24 support
  • Technical and engineering support
  • 25 support issues/month
  • Load balancing and scaling of BigBlueButton (many simultaneous sessions spread across many BigBlueButton servers)

If you are supporting end-users, then Premium support will provide you the assurance of having a second-level help desk ready to resolve your issues.

If you are developing and integrating BigBlueButton into your application, the Platinum support gives you direct support from the core BigBlueButton developers at Blindside Networks.

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Package #4: Custom Development

We extend and enhance BigBlueButton to meet your product requirements. This option is typically used by commercial companies who want to leverage BigBlueButton (thus reducing their product development costs and time to market) and need additional capabilities.

We can work on both small and large projects, giving you a fixed price (for small projects) or a daily rate (for larger projects that require upfront analysis and design).

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Package #5: Hosting

If you are using the Moodle, Sakai, WordPress, Drupla, Joomla or any other BigBlueButton integration, we can provide you hosted, on-demand access to BigBlueButton sessions. We provide you a managed and scalable BigBlueButton infrastructure for your educational or commercial organizations. Our servers and infrastructure enable you to scale the number of concurrent sessions beyond the capacity of a single BigBlueButton server.

Our hosting also provides you dial-in numbers to your sessions and the ability to download your recordings as video files, which you can then upload to YouTube or view on mobile devices.

For more details, see our Premium Hosting for BigBlueButton.