BigBlueButton Joomla Extension

This extension is available at the moment for testing only and will soon be released for general use. If you want to help test, please try installing it using the instructions below.

This extension integrates BigBlueButton functionality into Joomla 1.5. It allows bloggers to create and manage on-line meetings rooms to interact with their readers.

You need to setup a BigBlueButton server to use this extension (we recommend running BigBlueButton on its own dedicated server). To test the extension, you can use this open server to configure and test your setup:

salt: 8cd8ef52e8e101574e400365b55e11a6

(Note: the above URL links to the API interface, so it doesn’t return any page if you try to open it).

The “salt” is the secret key to enable the Joomla extension to authenticate and make API requests with the server. Once you have your own BigBlueButton server running, see the FAQ for information on how to extract the security salt.

To setup the Joomla extension you can refer to the tutorial video or follow the instructions below.

How to install and use this module.
  1. Download two files: (1) BigBlueButton Component, and (2) BigBlueButton Module here.
  2. Login into your Joomla Administrator Back-end.
  3. Click on Install/Uninstall under Extensions in the top menu.
  4. Browse to the BigBlueButton Conferencing Component that you uploaded, and click Upload File & Install.
  5. Repeat the step above, but this time browse to the BigBlueButton Conferencing Module.
  6. Click on Module Manager under Extensions in the top menu.
  7. Select BigBlueButton Conferencing in the list of modules.
  8. Make sure that module is enabled by selecting the Yes option, and if you would like modify the title to something shorter, such as BigBlueButton.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click on Settings under BigBlueButton under the Components in the top menu.
  11. Enter the security salt and URL of your BigBlueButton server
  12. Click Save.
  13. Then click on general, and from here you can begin creating and managing your meetings.

BigBlueButton and the BigBlueButton logo are trademarks of BigBlueButton Inc.